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Catch Up and a Cuppa....

I thought this may be a good place to lay out our current situation and how we are currently working.

We are going to be appointment only for the foreseeable. It works and ensure clients have peace of mind when in the showroom.

We aren't insisting on gloves and masks being worn but have them available in the showroom for anyone who would prefer them and we are happy to wear them too if needed.

We will sanitise before and after each visit from anyone outside of the business this includes deliveries and couriers.

We have had a large influx of enquiries and can only apologise if we are taking a little longer than normal to get back to anyone and we hugely appreciate your patience.

Leon and I are so incredibly grateful for the support and interest we have had so far since we have been back to work and it gives us so much hope that the business will see through this really difficult time.

I will update the blog regularly as we have so many incredible projects waiting to be photographed and some gorgeous projects booked in the coming months.

We have a new display planned and have another large change coming to open up the top section of the showroom for a new purpose.

So for any kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design enquiries please don't hesitate to get in touch, with installer diaries we will be well into September soon. EEEK!

Thanks so much,


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